18. Kimmeridge to Lulworth Cove

This was just a single days walk that I completed with my brother Michael. I had occasionally climbed a number of mountains in England, Scotland and Wales with Mick, but that was a few years ago and he had not done a great deal of walking since. Still, this was a short days walk, but with a number of up and downs. This was also the first time I tested out my Fiat Doblo / Moped combination.

I opted to drop Mick off close to Kimmeridge and then to drive to Lulworth Cove. I then unloaded the moped which I had carried inside of the Doblo and made my way back to Kimmeridge on the moped.  I parked up and we set off down to the coastal path. It was fairly overcast, but warm and muggy.

After passing the small oil well with its “Nodding Donkey” we were faced with the steep climb up to Tyneham Cap, where we continued along Gad Cliff. However, we were soon descending down to the deserted village of Tyneham. Tyneham was handed over to the Ministry of Defence in 1943, during the Second World War. The population were moved out and a considerable part of the Purbeck Hills was taken over as a firing range. The Range is still used today and is predominantly a tank firing range. The village and whole area is closed when firing occurs. We spent some time going through the village. It was quite amazing and sad reading all the info boards which set out who lived at what particular house, using photographs of most of the village people.

We rejoined the coastal path at Worbarrow and continued onto the firing range. We passed large target vehicles which had been destroyed by the shell fire. We descended from Rings Hill and immediately climbed Bindon Hill. The walking was very steep and Mick was suffering with the steep ascents. Eventually we reached Lulworth Cove, just as it started to rain.

We then drove back to Kimmeridge to pick up the moped.

Looking back to Clavell’s Tower at Kimmeridge Bay
“Nodding Donkey” at Kimmeridge Oil Well
The Post Office at Tyneham
The School House at Tyneham
Worbarrow Bay
Looking across Rings Hill on the Firing Range
Rails for carrying heavyweight targets
Looking across the range at targets
Heading towards Bindon Hill
Lulworth Cove

Distance today = 7 miles
Total distance =   282 miles



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