40. Porthleven to Penzance


I arrive in Penzance ahead of two walking days that will eventually take me around Lands End and onto the north coast of Cornwall. It is very windy, but sunny when I park up and wait for the bus to Portleven.

I know the first half of todays walk is going to be up and down, and so it was as I made my way out to Tregear Point. Here I pass a small monument with white cross to all those that have been lost at sea and the passing of the Gryll’s Act of 1808 which stated that any body washed up on the shore would be laid to rest in consecrated ground.

Mine workings at Trewavas Head

The path rises and falls all the way out to Trewavas Head, where I pass a number of old mine buildings and chimneys. All of the buildings are in a derelict state, apart from one, The Wheal Prosper mine, which has had work carried out on it by its owners, The National Trust.

Cudden Point
Beach walking near Perranuthnoe

As I descend towards Praa Sands I can clearly see my journey’s end across St Michaels Bay to Penzance. I can also see the headland heading out towards Lands End in the far distance. The walk along Praa sands is very easy-going, at Sydney Cove I climb back up to the path and continue on past Prussia Cove, named after a well-known smuggler. The path continues to rise and fall past Perranuthnoe all the to the village of Marazion. Here I follow the path down to the foreshore and walk a short section over large boulders.

St Michaels Mount

At Marazion, the easy walking begins, starting with a walk through the streets of the village and then onto a long, paved path sweeping around to Penzance in the distance. The causeway out to St Michaels Mount is visible, but having made the journey across to St Micahels Mount some 36 years ago I decide to continue onto Penzance and my B&B. The walk has taken some 5.25hrs.

Distance today = 14 miles
Total distance =   598.5 miles



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