42. Porthcurno to Cape Cornwall

I parked at Cape Cornwall in the NT car park and walked the mile into St Just. I had to make use of two buses today to get me back to Porthcurno. The first was the West Penwith Community Bus which took me to Lands End. As the only passenger I had a nice chat with the driver on the short journey. My second bus was the stagecoach #1 bus which was heading back to Penzance via Porthcurno.

Day marks above Porthgwarra

It was quite a breezy and chilly start to the walk as I ascended out of the small valley up towards the Minack theatre. The theater was not open this morning and I was unable to catch a glimpse inside. The first settlement I come to is Portgwarra which sits in a small valley, there is a not a great deal there and I do not linger as the wind is very chilly. I ascend onto a fairly flat area. Although there are a few ups and downs, it is quite easy underfoot. I note two large day marks, which identify the position of the Runnel Stone, a scene of many wrecks.

Sea cliffs near Gribba Point

This whole part of the coast is famous for its blocky granite coastline with a number of impressive sea-cliffs and caves. In the far distance I can make out the buildings of Lands End. The drops and ascends a number of steep valleys, but I happy that I will soon pass around, what I would describe a milestone in the shape of Lands End.

Approaching Lands End

Although I had been a number of times to Cornwall, this would be my first visit to Lands End. But before I reach Lands End I pass a small farm/small holding with a small number of Vietnamese Pot-bellied pigs which I always find amusing. Land’s End does not offer a great deal, but I do get a good view out towards the Longships lighthouse and a photograph opportunity of perhaps one of the most photographed places in the UK, the finger-post pointing to John O’Groats.

Lands End
Sennen Cove

I quickly walk over to Sennen Cove and can now make out Cape Cornwall in the distance, it does not look that far away, but is still some 4 -5 miles. I descend the steep slopes into Sennen Cove, there are a few hardy souls out on the surf as I also drop onto the beach of Whitesands Bay. At this point a heavy rain shower arrives, which is with me all the way to Cape Cornwall. As I approach the Cape, Cornwall’s industrial heritage makes a re-appearance with a number of fenced-off mine shafts and the odd chimney. I complete the walk in a leisurely 3hrs and 50mins.


Cape Cornwall







Distance today = 11.5 miles
Total distance =   621.5 miles



One thought on “42. Porthcurno to Cape Cornwall”

  1. I was warned to be disappointed by Land’s End, and it’s true it’s nothing special, but they’ve done well with their marketing and have turned it into ‘the’ iconic place to start and end your walks. Loved Cape Cornwall, which I thought had a magical feel to it.


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