55. Boscastle to Bude

Today was a continuation of where I left off yesterday with my route north from Boscastle to Bude. The first 5 or six miles was going to be tough with many ups and downs, but the latter part would generally flat with some beach walking. The sun would be out later, but fortunately it was a nice cool start as i climbed aboard the 7:04 #595 Bus for Boscastle at a cost of £3.70.

Boscastle Harbour

It was very quiet in Boscastle as I followed the twisting harbour path out towards the sea. I climbed above Boscastle and could see the route ahead consisted of a number of steep up and downs. By the time I reached Crackington Haven, the sun was well high in the sky and it was very hot. I bought an additional drink at the shop/cafe, before setting off up a gradual slope that climbed above the tranquil village. Immediately I noticed that there were more steep ascents/descents ahead. In the far distance through the morning haze I could just make out the white radar dishes north of Bude. I was re-assured to know I would not be walking that far today.

The route ahead over High Cliff

I descended into yet another secret cove , this time with horses, which had become a feature of the walk in the morning. I suspected they were Exmoor ponies.

Whalebone at Wanson Mouth
GCHQ north of Bude
Bring on the Bride – Bude

I was relieved to descend to Millook, where I ascended my last steep climb of the day. It was tough going at this point. As I descended again at Wanson Mouth I was able to get onto beach, which I stayed on for the next mile. I came across the remains of a whale, although time and tide can had had a large effect with little but a couple of bones still remaining. At Widemouth the crowds were out in force, on the beach along the shore line. After passing through Widemouth the path snaked alongside the road almost all the way to Bude. The walking was lovely in places especially as I approached Bude, which had gently undulating paths carrying me towards Bude Compass point Tower, an octagonal building with a compass point carved on each face. I looked down on the large beach and could see that many people were out enjoying the sunshine.

I ambled the half mile to my car, passing a beautifully turned out wedding carriage with grooms and horses. The 16.6 miles had taken 6.5 hrs.

Distance today = 16.5 miles
Total distance =   814.5 miles


3 thoughts on “55. Boscastle to Bude”

    1. Hi Ruth, crikey I have only just realised that I did not post the photos! I loved the gently grassy slopes into Bude. Hope you enjoyed your Spanish hol, ready to take on the Wirral now?
      Off to Stranraer on Monday, really ‘umming and ‘rrring about how to tackle the Northern Rhins of Galloway, I think I might do the coastal route all the way from Portpatrick to Stranraer – I must be a masochist!!


      1. The photos are lovely. Yes, enjoyed Spain but too hot for walking. And I came back with shingles! Enjoy your trip to Scotland. Be interested to hear how you get on.


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