57. Westward Ho! to East Titchberry

My penultimate walk on the SWCP and one that would see me returning to Westward Ho! to walk to the farm at East Titchberry, close to Hartland Point.

As with my previous visit to East Titchberry I needed to park at in the National Trust car park and then cycle to the village of Hartland some 3 miles away. At Hartland I locked up my bike in the local car park and waited for the bus to Bideford. The bus was on time and quite busy as it weaved its way in and out of small villages as we headed towards Bideford. At Bideford I had a short wait for the regular service to Westward Ho!

I arrived at Westward Ho! to overcast skies, but which made for speedy walking. The path out of Westward Ho! was along an old disused railway track which soon turned inland. I could see my route along the coast almost all the way to Hartland Point. I could see the white houses in the seaside villages of Bucks Mills and Clovelly. At Peppercoombe I enter a wooded area which I would remain in for the majority of the walk. The path had a number of ups and downs as it would itself through the trees. I descended into Bucks Mills and then climbed steeply out of it and back into the woods. I eventually came to the Hobby Drive, a beautifully constructed “pleasure” road which contoured the steep coastline cliffs.

A glimpse of Clovelly down through the trees
Ornate wood carviing on shelter nr Clovelly

Noise and the occasional clearing in the trees told me that I was approaching Clovelly. It looked very busy with many people descending from the car park , situated at the top of the hill, down the steep cobbled street to the village below. Although I would normally have descended myself, somehow I did not fancy that steep climb back up to the path again. I headed on. Soon after Clovelly I came across a lovely seating shelter with superb wood carvings adorning the roof and upright structures.

Looking out towards Lundy

I was still in a wooded area, but occasionally got excellent views across the Bristol Channel to the Welsh Coast and the nearby island of Lundy. I had two significant descents and ascents at Mouth Mill and Winbury Head, which in the increasing made me flag somewhat. On climbing Windbury Head I could see the rest of the path towards the Radar station was predominantly open fields and fairly level. I pass a small memorial to a Wellington bomber crew that crashed at Exmansworthy cliff in 1942.

Memorial to Wellington Bomber crew

The SWCP comes quite close to the road at east Titchberry and I make the short walk to my car completing the walk in 6.5hrs.





Distance today = 16.5 miles
Total distance =   851 miles


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