61. Prestatyn to Abergele

A very short walk today, as I needed to tie in with my Charity walk the previous year. I decided to bring one of my three dogs along, Kiefer-Slash, (the wife named him thus), he’s a sort of Spaniel cross. He had never been to the seaside before, so I was wandering how he would react. He stayed on the lead virtually the whole walk.

Kiefer-Slash in Prestatyn

The walk in a nutshell was simply walking along a long promenade linking the two towns. We had views out to the gas fields offshore. This whole part of the North Wales coast I find really ‘tacky’ and run-down. I can find no redeeming features about the place other than it is flat and has good transport links.

The Rhyl Lifeboat being pulled ashore

We drove to and parked at Abergele & Pensarn station. We then caught the train for the 8 minute ride to Prestatyn. Kiefer was excellent on the train.

The Pont y Ddraig at Rhyl

We walked down the main street towards the beach. Kiefer did not know what to make of the small waves lapping on the shore. He was also very wary of seaweed for some reason. The rest of the walk was him sniffing around, as dogs do, or maybe he was just as unimpressed of the place as me!

Looks like a tribute act for Richard Nixon

We soon came to Rhyl, which was just like Prestatyn. We crossed the recently constructed pedestrian and cycle  footbridge called Pont y Ddraig – Dragons Bridge. The footbridge cost £10m and can be raised for boats.

Just outside Rhyl we come across an ASDA trolley dumped in the sea – just about sums it up for me.

It took 3 hours to walk the 8 miles, which is really quite pedestrian for me. If Kiefer had been off the lead then perhaps we may have been quicker.

Kiefer examines some Sea Holly






My lasting impression of this section of the coast






Distance today = 8 miles
Total distance =   909.5 miles


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