64. Llanddona to Bangor

My first section on  Anglesey which would see me returning for a number of trips covering some 132 miles of the WCP.

I drove very early to Bangor and parked in a free car park near the Beach road. I then walked into the town to catch the #53 bus at 6:07 to Llanddona. Llandona is not on the WCP and required two miles of road walking to get to the WCP. I asked to be dropped off at corner just before the bus turned around. The driver was a miserable old git, which I put down down to the early hour of the morning!

Black Point Toll by Anthony Garratt

My actual WCP part of the walk started at Bwrdd Arthur, which offered great views back across to the Great Orme and further north-west up the coast to Benllech. The path stayed more or less inland all the way to Penmon Point, where I visited the Pilot House and observed some artwork. The painting on display was by an artist called Anthony Garratt whose ” Outdoor Gallery” would display 4 paintings made outdoors at different sites across Anglesey. The painting would be removed at the end of October.

Penmon Dovecote

The majority of the route back along the southern shore of Anglesey was on tarmac. I passed trough Penmon Priory and had a look in the Dovecote.

I managed to walk along most of the foreshore towards Beaumaris, which was quite muddy in places. Beaumaris was quite a charming little town, with impressive castle ruins and a number of colourful but quaint shops.

Colourfully decorated bicycle

Upon reaching the edge of the town, the WCP was diverted up a parallel side road which continued virtually all the way to Menai Bridge (which is also known as Porthaethwy). The diversion was due to a number of sections of the road having no footpath or verge to escape traffic. It is a occurrence that will occur many more times on this path.

On reachingMenai Bridge the path diverted down to the small piers where the Oceanographic research boats are tied up.  I was soon walking below the Menai Bridge itself and what a wonderful structure it is!! Almost 200 hundred years old and still carrying traffic. A fantastic piece of engineering.

The iconic Menai Bridge

I cross the bridge and walk back towards Bangor. I walked past Bangor City FC footbal ground and then through a nature reserve which had a bewildering path structure with continuous up and down steps of 6 steps or more. I took 5.5hrs to walk the 17 miles.

Distance today = 17 miles
Total distance =   957.5 miles


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