71. Newborough to Menai Bridge

This was to be my final leg on Anglesey and I was looking forward to an easy stroll in this late sunny autumn day.

Stepping stones over the Afon Braint

I arrived early in Menai Bridge town to find the long-stay car park closed.  I tried another car park, this one is also closed also– it was full of fair ground equipment! Anyway, I find a quiet street and save myself £3. I catch the #42 bus and get dropped off right on the path at the roundabout at Pen Lon.

I know the feeling!

Its quite a chilly start but I am soon warming up and heading towards the Menai Stait coastline. I am confronted by a set of huge stepping stones that enable the Afon Braint to be crossed. The sun begins to rise and it gets quite warm as  I walk along a small a tarmac road. I can make out the town of Caernarfon across the Menai Strait, knowing I should be there in two more trips..

Nelson’s statue looking west along the Menai Strait
The double-decker Pont Britannia bridge

Unfortunately, I am not on the coastline long before a big detour inland to avoid the NT property of Plas Newydd and another big property. Not much time spent on the coast in this section! I follow the main A4080 to the outskirts of Llanfair Pwllgwyngll where the path skirts down to the waters edge. I passed Nelsons monument on the tidal part of the strait and climbed up a small hill to a church which has a memorial to the people who died in the building both the old bridge and new Pont Britannia  bridge. The path passes under the Pont Britannia, which is very impressive when viewed from below. The path hugs the coast for a while before climbing back up onto the road, before skirting back down again to the coast as I entered Menai Bridge. Not a very satisfying walk with persistent diversions and detours. I covered the 14 miles in 4.5 hrs.

Distance today = 14 miles
Total distance =   1074 miles


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