82. Aberdyfi to Machynlleth

This was to be a rather short day with a relatively meagre 12 miles to walk between Aberdyfi and Machynlleth. I parked my car in the Machynlleth railway station car park, like most mid and North Wales rail stations it’s free to park if you are a train user. I used my Senior railcard to purchase a discounted ticket to Aberdyfi at a cost of £2.90. The rail card has saved me quite a bit on a number of trips so far around the WCP; it cost £15 (bought with Tesco vouchers) and I get a third off.

Lonely road above Cwm Maethlon

It was dark when the 6:43 train left Machynlleth and only takes about 18 minutes to reach Aberdyfi. By 07:05 I required my head torch as it was still quite dark. The two things about this section  of the walk is that, not only do you walk away from the estuary but you also climb quite high. Nobody, if they followed your route would imagine that you are walking the Coastal path, but there is a good reason, the estuary road has few if any footpaths, with no verges.

Looking south towards Borth across the Dovey estuary

I climbed high above Aberdyfi and the next  three miles was a delight, walking high along a small quiet tarmac road along Tyddynbriddell Hill    with commanding views down into Cwm Maetholon. I caught a glimpse down into the Dovey estuary with the lights of Borth twinkling in the distance.

Looking towards Tarrenhendre and Tarren y Gesail

I was also afforded ever increasing views of Tarrenhendre and Tarren y Gesail, both displaying traces of alpenglow before the sun eventually rose. I had previously climbed these two hills on two seperate occassions some 6 and 8 years previously. They are both classified as HEWITTS (Hills in England, Wales and Ireland above Two-Thoousand feet).

The path eventually dropped down to the A493 and detoured off to the east. I donned my hi-vis vest and decided I would keep on the main road, there was no footpath, but the road was quiet. I passed through the small villages of Cwrt (pronounced  Curt) and Pennal.

Looking down on Machynlleth

At Pennal, the path climbed up high again following forestry tracks, before emerging high above Machynlleth, where a steep descent brought me to the bridge over the river Dovey and the short walk to the railway station.

I managed the 12 mile walk in 4.25hrs


Distance today = 12 miles
Total distance =   1243 miles


One thought on “82. Aberdyfi to Machynlleth”

  1. This is a wonderful walk with incredible views. I think you were wise to stick to the road through Cwrt and Pennal, because the official route for this section is tortuous and not very interesting.


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