85. Llangrannog to Llanrhystud

This was going to be a tough day, not only because of the 24 miles walked, but also because the terrain had many ascents and descents – hate descents, all that effort to climb up something then having to drop down grrrr!!.



I had decide that I needed to make it only two more visits before I reached Cardigan, so it a required a long day for at least one of these walks. I parked at the beach car park (free) just outside of Llanrhystud. The beach was covered in all kinds of flotsam from a storm a few days beforehand. I then walked back into the village to get the 07:53 T5 service to Brynhoffant, the bus was full of school kids travelling to Cardigan. I paid £4 for the 35 min bus ride. When I got off the bus at Brynhoffnant I had to walk 2.5 miles to join the coastal path at Llangrannog. There is currently no bus service to the village, so it was  extra miles to an already long day. I was amazed how busy the road was for a minor B-road. I donned my hi-vis jacket and kept my eyes peeled for traffic that was coming thick  and fast! So much for a sleepy village on a cul-de-sac! Llangrannog was also clearly showing signs of the recent storm “Imogen” which large cobbles in the small car park.

New Quay

For the next 9 miles it was a case of steep ascents and descents all the way to New Quay, coupled with muddy fields interludes. I was pleased to get to New Quay, although even though this was not yet half-way, the legs were beginning to tire. But I was happy because the hardest section of the walk was behind me. Requiring something to gird my loins I succumbed to buying a fish and chips, I wish I had’nt and threw half of it away!


The going was getting slightly easier as I approached Aberaeron which was bathed in lovely winter sunshine with gloriously sunny views across Cardigan Bay towards Aberystwyth , Aberdyfi, Cadair Idris and even a distant Bardsey Island.



Late afternoon sun approaching Llanrhystud

I bought more fluid at Aberaeron and walked out along the rocky beach, I passed many people retrieving firewood from the beach. I stopped and spoke to a chap, who came coincidentlly came from near Much Wenlock, about 8 miles from I live we talked awhile . Although, the terrain was pancake flat, my legs were feeling it. I passed through Aberarth and then onto the sleepy village of Llannon, with its lovely church. I was relieved to catch sight of the car. The walk had taken me some 7.75 hrs and I was rather tired, but it was a very interesting walk.

Distance today = 22 miles
Total distance =   1290 miles


6 thoughts on “85. Llangrannog to Llanrhystud”

    1. Thanks Ruth, this is my first comment received as such.
      BTW I’ve got myself a proper domain now… walkingthecoastofgreatbritain.com

      2 Questions: 1. I’ve been trying to emulate your resizing of your banner/header photos, the ones that measure 940×198. how do you do that?
      2. How did you get that drop down menu underneath your main header.

      Finally, I think when I eventually hit the 3Gb limit I may just open another blog, with my domain linked to it.


      1. Sorry Alan, I realise I haven’t answered your questions.

        1) To edit photos and to resize them you need a photo editing program. I use Corel Paintshop Pro. There are cheaper photo-editing programs, I’m sure, and even free ones. But I’ve used Paintshop Pro for years.

        2) The menu bar under the header only picks up top-level *pages*, not blog posts. Each WP theme is a little different, but on mine I can configure it by going into WP-Admin, select Appearance, and Menus. Drop down menus are created automatically when you add *child* pages under a single top-level (or *parent*) page.

        Hope the above is intelligible! If not, just shout.


  1. Thanks Ruth. I’ve tried a number of free and not-so free programs but i’m always getting some distortion. I’ll persevere. I’ll certainly check out your advice on setting up the menus, while trying to get this other 80+ reports written-up!! + another one from today!


  2. Hi Alan. Thanks for the follow…I’m a very amateur blogger. This is a very long walk – well done. I remember the steep climb from Llangrannog well! I just need to ‘fill the gap’ between Aberystwyth & Aberaeron. It’s nice to read other walkers experiences. Best wishes Michelle


    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the comment. I should imagine you will have filled the gap quite soon now, with the onset of spring. Myself, I have just another section to do and then thats the wales Coast path done. Living in shropshire its been quite handy for me to just pop over. The section to Aberystwyth from Aberaeron is not too bad.


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