88. St. Clears to Amroth

Today was going to see me return to Amroth in Pembrokeshire and the end/start of the PCP which I completed in 2006 and which today i would continue to walk eastwards.

Leaving a frosty St. Clears

The plan for todaywas to drive very early to St. Clears. I had arranged to park my car at the B&B that I would be staying at that night. The Manordaf B&B sits on the WCP, just by the bridge over the River Taf. Very handy!

I started to walk very early with the sun yet to come up.It had been freezing overnight and the 4 miles to Laugharne had been over frosty, not frozen fields and footpaths. The approach to Laugharne was along a lovely wooded track that passed alongside the Boathouse the home of Dylan Thomas. About 100m further on the path passed the carefully preserved Garage in which Thomas wrote many of this well known works

The Garage – just as he left it

including Under Milk Wood. I decided it would only be fitting to pay my respects to Dylan Thomas, who is buried in the local churchyard. The detour was only about 800m. It took awhile to find his grave, which was marked with just a simple white cross with black lettering. The grave is also the resting place of his wife Caitlin.

The grave of Dylan & Caitlin Thomas

I continued on mainly roads all the way to Pendine, passing through Llanmiloe. I must say there was not a great deal in Pendine, apart from the Museum of Speed. On arriving in Pendine my plan was to catch the 11:00 No. 351 bus to Amroth the walk back to Pendine then catch the No. 222 back to St. Clears. The £1.50 fare from Pendine to Amroth was an absolute bargain.

It had turned into a beautiful and sunny day and I was rewarded with views across to Tenby to the west, the Gower to the east and to south the distant coastline of Devon and Somerset; I could even make out the feint outline of Lundy.

Incipient sea caves at Amroth

I was aware there were a few ups and downs on the path back to Pendine, but i noticed that the tide was well out and I could easily walk back along the beach to Pendine. I made very good time to Pendine and with a an hour to kill until the next bus I headed for the Point Cafe and a well-earned cool drink.

Distance today = 16 miles
Total distance =   1329 miles




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