91. Gowerton to Burry Port

I originally intended to walk from Burry Port out onto the Gower, but the lack of any bus transport on a sunday to the Gower meant a re-think. However, I did see that there is a regular train service between Burry Port to Gowerton, I would do a shorter walk of 12 miles today. As usual it was a very early start for the drive down to South Wales. I noticed as I drove through the Brecon Beacons that the snow was down at quite low levels, but it would not be troubling me today.

The ruins of Loughor Castle

I parked at Gowerton railway station and was away by 7:00 walking to pick the WCP up about a mile down the road. The light was good, although it was very cold on my hands…..mitts on. I made my along quiet roads and paths before I came to the Loughor Bridge which  unsurprisingly spans the River Loughor and marks the municipal boundaries of Carmarthenshire and Swansea. Closeby the bridge, on a small hillock, is Loughor Castle, a Norman castle that has been in ruins for centuries.

Part of the original Brunel Viaduct at Loughor

As I approached Llanelli I picked up what is the Millenium Coastal Path, which runs for 13 miles from Llanelli to Pembrey park and more or less follows the WCP. The path this morning was very busy with walkers, dog walkers, joggers and  cyclists all getting a lungful of fresh air. The path west from Llanelli is wide and  of good quality and seems to be marked at various locations with a silver needle piece of sculpture.

Millenium Coastal Path sculpture

I passed a set of Rugby posts which appeared not to be part of a rugby pitch and with metal cuts of two rugby players. The goal posts apparently stood at Stradley Park, which was a  famous rugby venue some years back. I’m not a rugby fan, so it was all news to me.

As I approached Burry Port I was confronted with a number of  plaques all  claiming that Amelia Earhart landed here or stepped ashore here in 1928 after completing a trans-Atlantic flight. On this ocassion, Earhart was merely a passenger, but four years later in 1932 she was to become the first woman to fly non-stop  across the Atlantic.

Stradley Park goalposts, with cut-outs

I arrived in Burry Port and made my way to the rail station and catch the 10:33 train back to Gowerton. I must admit I was not particularly enthused by this walk, I think it reminded me a bit to much of the Costa


del Rhyl. Managed to do the 12 miles in 3hrs 15mins. Next up will be a 2 day trip to the Gower.


Distance today = 12 miles
Total distance =   1383 miles



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