92. Rhossili to Gowerton

My attention next turned to tackling the Gower. I decided I would make a 2-dayer out of it, using Swansea as my base. I knew the weather would be not so good for the first day and my fears were soon realised as I drove down over the Brecon Beacons in a snowstorm!


Burry Holms
Burry Holms

My first section was to be Rhossili to Gowerton, to do this section meant catching two buses. I parked in Swansea close to the hotel I was staying at and caught the 07:50 #118 to Rhossili at a cost of £4.80. When I alighted at Rhossili it was like stepping into a hurricane, although the horizontal rain was not too bad, the wind of 40 – 50mph was directly at me full-on. I had this for the majority of the day, especially when the path veered to a northerly direction. The first couple of hours was tough, particularly as I battled the winds along Rhossili beach to Burry Holms.  I was forced to look down at the ground as the sand was whipped up and blasted at me.


Whiteford Burrows
Whiteford Burrows

I had a brief respite as I turned east, but then had the onslaught again all the way out along Whiteford sands.

I encountered a couple of problems with the path around Cwm Ivy, the first was the collapse of part of the sea-wall.


Drifting sand at Berges Island
Drifting sand at Berges Island

This was easily circumvented by clambering down to the right of my photo and picking my way over the wall debris. However, further up I was stymied by the stepping stones across one of the small channels, which were not visible. I could have easily vaulted the channel with the aid of my walking stick, but I had not brought it with me this time. So I then followed the high tide route.

Collapsed Sea wall at Cwm Ivy
Collapsed Sea wall at Cwm Ivy

Cheriton, Llanrhidian and Crofty came as the path eventually led onto a small flood-risk  and high tide prone road. The road was quite welcome by this time as the state of the fields, particularly with livestock in them, made the going really tough.

I was able to enjoy fine views across the Llanrhidian Marsh and Loughor Esatuary towards Burry Port and Llanelli. This section had a great amount of tarmac, which I did not mind so much. I made good time and progress after Pen y Clawdd and soon arrived at Gowerton to link up with my previous section.

I then had to catch the second bus of the day back to Swansea. I was lucky and only had to wait 15mins for the #116 at a cost of £3.80. I was surprised at the cost of bus journeys (even short ones) around Swansea and Carmarthen. I suspect they do not attract the subsidies that services in Mid and North Wales enjoy. The walk had taken 7.5 hours for the 21 miles.

Distance today = 21 miles
Total distance =   1404 miles


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