95. Dunraven Bay to Margam

With the high pressure still clinging to the UK, I thought I would take advantage for another quick stint on the WCP. The forecast had been for overcast and cloudy skies for the majority of the UK, but for the west sunshine was forecast – and they were right albeit a bit hazy. This section required that I get two buses, I decided to reverse my route due to bus timetables. So I parked at Margam again and caught the 6:42 #X1 to Bridgend at a cost of £5. I then then had a bit of  a scare with the #303 (cost £2.45) being 25 mins late, apparently it happens a few times, which is a bit worrying as I will need to use this service again. I got off at Southerndown and walked down the beach road to Dunraven Bay.

Looking towards Ogmore-on-Sea on a glorious morning

The walk back past Ogmore-on-Sea was a delight with the crisp morning air from the overnight frost, the soft short grass underfoot and the warm hazy sun. I had a quick look at the beach outflow of the Ogmore River and decided I could probably wade that, if I did not mind getting my boots wet. As I wasn’t wearing boots I opted for the drier option and proceeded on the inland diversion.

Stepping stones at Ogmore Castle

I did manage to get across the stepping stones at Ogmore castle. A few of the stones were slightly below the water and a couple had green (slippery) algae clinging to them. Using my walking stick as a support I managed to get across without my pride damaged. Actually, the stepping stones offer virtually no advantage from the official path a few yards up the road. As I left the village of Merthy Mawr I heard a couple of woodpeckers and and finally managed to catch sight of the pair, they appeared to be Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, but I am no expert.

Steelworks rising above the dunes

I passed through Merthy Mawr warren and onto the beach, which followed around to Porthcawl. The sea front of Porthcawl was quite busy with strollers, walkers, joggers and just people enjoying the early morning sun outside of cafes and tea rooms. The path continued out of town towards the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club, where many golfers were out on the Links trying to improve their handicap. But the most popular activity seemed to be surfing, with literally hundreds of surfers all along the beach for more than a mile. However, the sea and waves were quite benign with only smallish waves. The walk through Kenfig Burrows was quite impressive, particularly with the size of the Nature Reserve, it was massive and somewhat disorientating if you lost your bearings. I had no problem with any floods and could easily circumvent any of the minor pools. Unfortunately, I had little in the way of views due to the hazy conditions, but with Tata Steel works getting closer I knew I was back to the outskirts of Margam.

Derelict marshaling yard at Margam Moors

I passed an overgrown and derelict marshalling yard for the steel works, before I re-joined the main road leading into Margam. I managed the walk in 5.25hrs for the 19 miles.



Distance today = 19 miles
Total distance =   1468 miles




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