113. Dundrennan to Kirkcudbright

With the MOD firing range off-limits, todays walk was going to be a simple affair with a 6 + mile walk along the A711 and a 3 mile circular walk around St Marys Isle.

Scene of the Dundrennan air crash – where the Hamilton’s cottage once stood.

I missed breakfast with the intention of getting an early start by driving and parking in Kirkcudbright, then catching the 7:20 #505 bus back to Dundrennan. Well they say “………… the best laid plans of mice and….”. The #505 service is separately served by both MacEwan’s Coaches and DGC Buses. Unfortunately, the service times run by MacEwan’s is notorious for both it’s punctuality and reliability. Anyway, the long and short of it the 7:20 did not turn up at all, the first time I have ever been let down by a bus not turning up. I waited for next bus, 9:05, run by DGC buses which did turn up. .

Looking ahead to Kirkcudbright Bay from the A711

I was accompanied for most of the walk along the A711 on my left by the MOD firing range. The red flags were raised at all roads onto to the range. The  traffic along the A711 was very light and I made excellent progress towards Mutehill where the road turned north and a public footpath all the way Kirkcudbright started.

Kirkcudbright Harbour and the River Dee
Rust coloured people with large bosoms and flat heads in Kirkcudbright

As I reached the outskirts of Kirkcudbright I opted to do the 3 mile circular walk of St Marys Isle. There is a dedicated footpath all around the isle, which offers limited views at this time of the year, with its extensive foliage. I emerged from the exit road from the Isle and turned left down a small suburban road which led past the local football ground towards the marina. At the marina I could see that the tidal was out on the River Dee, revealing its deep muddy banks. A small side street led me to the Harbour car Park when my car was parked. I managed the 10 miles in just 2.5 hours.

War Memorial with MacLellan’s Castle behind

I must admit I liked Kirkcudbright, it is a charming little market town and it was refreshing to see how clean the town was and devoid of litter.




NB: I also publish all my Scottish Blog entries on the excellent Scottish Hills website, I use the same narrative, but larger photos and a few extra ones. They can be found here:


Distance today =  10 miles
Total distance =   1793.5 miles


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