118. Tarleton to Preston

In retrospect I could have combined my last two walks into a single 26 mile walk; anyway I did’nt so it was off very early this morning to finish the final leg to Preston with a very easy walk 10 mile walk. I left home veery early and parked just by the River Ribble in Preston. I caught the 5:57 #X2 bus to Tarleton and within 13mins I was walking back to towards Preston.

Walking along the A59

The first section of walking was back along the not so busy A59, crossing the bridge over the River Asland/Douglas and walking for about a mile before turning down down a minor road as I reached Much Hoole. The minor road headed towards The River Asland and became a footpath running along the levee, just as my previous walk did on the opposite bank.

The River Asland/Douglas with tide flowing

It was slightly overcast with a stiff breeze as I made good progress through the grass. Unfortunately, the previous days rain had meant the grass was soaked and I had wet feet before too long. The birds of this area were very active  and I saw large flocks of Lapwings and many Shelducks.

The Ribble Way
Lest We Forget

The path joined the Ribble way, which seemed to start at the Dolphin Inn, at the end of a metal road. After something like 2 hours walking I eventually got a proper look at the River Ribble. Its banks where quite full and I could see that the tide was in full flow. I pass alongside a field with wheat growing, the field is fringed with many red poppies, my mind is drawn to the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme which is tomorrow.

On the banks of the River Ribble approaching Preston

I passed through a number of small herds of cows, giving them a wide berth. The path was now running alongside the Ribble and I could make out the office blocks of Preston in the near distance. The path formed a larger road, passing throufgh the site of the Preston Power station demolished in the 1980’s. The track had now joined Holme Road, which was a landscaped area along the banks of the river. The road passes underneath a flyover bridge which is busy with early morning commuters travelling into Preston. I arrived back at my car after completing the walk in 3hrs.

Distance today =  10 miles
Total distance =   1884.5 miles



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