43. Portreath to Hayle

Quite a short distance today, which was dictated by the difficulty of getting to Portreath from Hayle, where I had parked on a sunday morning. Because of engineering works, the train to Camborne was not running, instead a bus service was operating which I just managed to catch. I caught another bus down to Portreath, where I was the only passenger, well apart from the drivers son, who was accompanying his driver dad on this mornings run.


I arrived in Porteath to a very chilly, but sunny and breezy day. I head across the car park and begin the climb up onto Western Hill and across to Carvannel Downs with its fine collection of Exmoor ponies. The walking is very easy and I make good time. I pass the Iron Age Cliff top castle of Crane castle, barely recognising any visible remains. The B3301 road now joins the path, running quite close. At Derrick Cove, I pass the nice viewing area built by the National Trust for people in wheelchairs. A lttle further on the road is now right alongside the path and offers a superb view down into Hells Mouth and spectacular views down to the beach. I see people enjoying an early morning cuppa at the famous cafe with the same name.

Spot the Seals
Godrevy Island with lighthouse

As I walk to Navax Point, I can see many Grey Seals far below me. I read on an info board that this is a popular breeding site and an area that the seals congregate in large numbers between October to April. At Godrevy Point I can now look out across to the small island of Godrevy with its lighthouse and further to my left, in the distance, the popular seaside town of St. Ives. The glorious beach of Gwithian stretches ahead of me for a few miles. I can see that it is very busy with surfers and dog walkers alike.

Gwithian sands

I cross over the Red River, so named after its appearance from the red iron oxide disacharged from the local tin miles. I am now walking in a straight line on the flat Gwithian Beach heading for a lifeguard hut two miles away which will be the place I leave the beach .

I walk through the numerous holiday homes at Hayle Towans and alongside the narrow River Hayle. There has been some quayside development of recent years, which has tidied this area up. I cross over the swing bridge and proceed into Hayle itself. It has been a short but very interesting walk

Distance today = 12 miles
Total distance =   633.5 miles



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