54. Port Isaac to Boscastle

It is a gorgeous morning when I arrive in Boscastle, the sun is out and there is not a breadth of wind. After parking my car, I amble around window shopping at the few craft shops, none of which are open. One particular sculpture piece catches my eye, it is a beautiful head-piece of Venus by Edge Studio. I did not know at the time that they are based 6 miles away from where I live in Telford. The cost of the piece is £140. I will mull over this piece for the duration of my walk.

Looking down on Trebarwith Strand

As I still have some time to kill until my bus arrives, so I climb a small hill overlooking Boscastle. As I near the top I hear music blasting out across the village – tourists I think. As I home in on the music I can see that it is coming from the local Primary School and the children are all in the yard doing their morning exercise to the music! The music is very catchy and I later find out it’s by Clean Bandit and called “Rather Be”. The song now always reminds me of that beautiful morning in Boscastle and the children doing their mornings exercise.


I catch the bus to Port Isaac. Its been about 4 months since I was last in Port Isaac, due to the fact that I altered my sections to fit in with my Winter schedule.

Today I was not using my walking boots, but a new pair of Karrimor walking shoes. I got them for £30 from Go Outdoors. I normally buy North Face Hedgehogs, but at £90 a throw I thought I try a cheaper alternative. Big Mistake! They give me blisters! I rarely get blisters and never with walking shoes. They are relegated now to occasional social ware.

Arriving at Boscastle
Footbridge over the River Valency, Boscastle
One of the buildings destroyed in the 2006 flood
The sculpture in question – Venus by Edge Studios

Although not a great distance, todays walk will have many ups and downs, probably about 8 in all. I set off along easy walking atop Bounds Cliff. After a mile I reach the first of my up-and-down. Five other steep descents and ascents follow, before I come to Trebarwith Strand situated in a steep valley, which is tough to climb out of. I am nearing Tintagel and I see on the cliff side, evidence of quarrying with large pillars left by the quarrymen. The quarry cliffs are vertical and plummet down to the foreshore. Before I know it, the crowds have increased and I am at Tintagel. I attempt to use my NT membership card to get in, but its English Heritage and their having none of it! I must admit I was rather under-whelmed by Tintagel. From the photos I had previously seen I was expecting something better, more dramatic. I move on and follow a small group through Rocky Valley, which is an interesting ravine that the path passes through. I am soon at Boscastle and I have made my mind up to go into the shop and make an offer on the sculpture I had seen at the start of the day. I offer £100. They say no, as the prices are fixed. I skulk away, deflated and sad. The walk has taken 5.5 hours.


Distance today = 14 miles
Total distance =   798 miles


2 thoughts on “54. Port Isaac to Boscastle”

  1. That’s a great walk, isn’t it. Love that part of the coast. Like you, I was disappointed in Tintagel, although the little beach with the caves was good, and I didn’t visit the old castle site because I didn’t want to pay AND it was crowded with people. Shame about the sculpture.


  2. Hi Ruth, I need to get this back-dated walks up to date, before I start to forget things! Off to tomorrow to Scotland for 2 nights (3 walking days)s in Stranraer. Will complete the Rhinns, leave Dumfries and Galloway moving into South Ayrshire. Should make Glasgow by Xmas now. Met a “Coaster” on my previous English trip(Knott End – Lancaster) , a nice chap called Tony. He has done over 4000+ miles in a rather eclectic fashion.


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