89. Carmarthen to St. Clears


Today was to be a straightforward day. I would simply leave my car at the B&B, get the 7:45 No. 222 to Carmarthen and walk the 19 miles back to the B&B. The bus was almost full as I joined people going to work or just shopping in Carmarthen. It had frozen again last night, but only down to -2. Carmarthen was shrouded in a thick morning fog which did not clear untill almost midday.

A misty Carmarthen

I followed the River Towy for awhile before doing some roadwork and then walking through woodland to avoid the main road. The path skirted Llangain, before finally dropping down a green lane to Llansteffan. The path at this point had dropped back down to the Towy estuary and I could see a train across the estuary at Ferrycross. The ferry linking Llansteffan with Ferrycross had ceased some years ago, thus the reason I was walking this inland detou. As I climbed out of Llansteffan the path circled below the castle, which looked quite dark

Looking across the Towy to Ferryside

and brooding. Unfortunately, I was not able to get  a good photo opportunity to. The path continued along quiet roads and very muddy fields. Excellent views were had across to the Gower and to the west towards Tenby. I made excellent progress despite the under foot conditions. I could also see how the Taf and Towy both joines in an entanglement of distant sand banks. As I veered north I was available to mark yesterdays

The confluence of the Taf and Towy estuaries

walk on the opposite side of the river, clearly seeing the sleepy village of laugharne The final couple of fields before St. Clears were especially muddy, but I did not mind. My feet were dry and the Goretex gaiters I use did their job well.

I noticed on a couple of kissing gates an enclosure that appeared locked. From the photo you can probably get a better idea.

Kissing Gate counter mechanism?

The bit thatat goes into the hole does not have a latch, so I can only surmise that it is a ‘sleeping’ counter device giving an idea of walker numbers. I arrived back at the B&B 6 hrs exactly from setting out from Carmarthen. All that was left was a 3hr drive home.





Distance today = 19 miles
Total distance =   1348 miles




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